Seema Toso, MD



Dr. Seema Toso (formerly Patel) is a Canadian physician specializing in Diagnostic Radiology. Concurrently, she conducts Her research in the assessment of diagnostic tools for clinical decision-making, particularly in the field of radiology and surgery,
health economics and systematic reviews. Her current focus has been on Hepatobiliary surgery and PET/CT scans. She completed her Doctorate of Medicine at the University of Toronto Medical School in Toronto, Canada and received a Masters of Science in Health Technology Assessment, specializing in Health Economics at the University of Alberta. Previously, Seema completed her surgical intern year and went on to train in General Surgery at the University of Alberta. Seema spent time at the Toronto Sick Children’s Hospital conducting research with the hepatobiliary and interventional radiology groups, as well as a researcher for the Institute of Health Economics in Alberta.


She is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland.


Her contributions to SharingInHealth include: