Accessible Resources from Around the World


There are many initiatives around the world that provide high quality resources for learning in health care.


We've identified our favourites here. Please share with us if you know of a resource that should be shared.


  • text
  • illustrations and animations
  • videos


Look at Wikipedia and study their approach to the topic. We don't recommend using their material directly, but often their articles provide an overview of the key points. Wikipedia often references trusted sources that can be very helpful for SiH authors.


Look for trusted introductory publications from organizations such as WHO, CDC, PHAC, etc.


Freely accessible resources: these resources may be viewed online for free, and some may be downloaded for personal use. They MAY NOT be shared without prior permission, however.


Open-Access resources: these resources may be viewed, downloaded, and shared for free. Some may be modified and re-shared, as described by their specific license. Those that allow free copy and paste of text into our site have a similar license of BY - NC - SA. Learn more about open-access here.