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Considering joining SharingInHealth's list of reviewers? Your contribution to SiH would be greatly appreciated; our goals certainly could not be met without your help. While we value the thoughts and perspectives of everyone, we are only able to recognize residents, professors, and licensed health care providers as reviewers.


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Read, complete, and send us a copy of the reviewer contract before starting, to make sure we're all on the same page!


We use Google docs for reviewing topics. Please sign up for a gmail account; it is free and takes just a few minutes.



What Are You Looking For?

Reviewing should take 1-2 hours per topic.

For examples of the style and feel of our topics, please see the following:


Of course, it is very important to identify errors in text, as well as completeness. This content is aimed at the level of primary care medical/nursing/pharmacy/etc students, so specific details of treatment protocols or in-depth molecular mechanisms are not required. In fact, this can distract from the key points that need to be learned, so should be avoided!


As well, students from around the world will be using these resources. It is important to make mention sophisticated diagnostics or therapeutics available at potentially great cost, but the focus should be understanding the globally-relevant foundations - the biology, pathophysiology, clinical approach, and considerations regarding investigations and treatment.


Lastly, please share any open-access resources you'd recommend we include, for students who would like to do further reading.


Many thanks for getting involved!



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